These pages are for the 17.x versions of the OpenScientist software.

These versions are targetted for doing the followup of the technical support of the Panoramix LHCb event display and continuing to provide the "osc_batch" packing of our AIDA implementation (still used by some within Geant4). The 17.x code heavily uses the "softinex" software (see URL on the left) which is our new research and development thread for what is dealing with visualization and analysis tools.

Note that we consider OpenScientist as "though in years 2000" now deprecated. In 2010 the appearance of iOS, Android tablets and smartphones induced that the basic choice done for the graphics in OpenScientist (coin3d) is no more tenable. In 2010 there was clearly no wish around Coin3D to have a version of this library based on GL-ES only. At LAL the effort around display and analysis tools are now reported on the softinex software for which the graphics and GUI are based over GL-ES and permit then to build applications running from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and up to platforms as "wall of screens". Then if you are looking for some tools for a new project, we definitely encourage you to have a look at the softinex portal. In particular, if you had adopted an osc_vis kit for doing visualization with Geant4 we definitely encourage you to look at the "g4exa" pages under the softinex portal to see how to build a Geant4 "app" able to run... on your phone !