g4view is a scientific application that permits to read geometry files at the Geant4 GDML format describing particle physics detectors. g4view permits to visualize the geometry of a loaded detector. It can read also "scenarios" files that permit to choose the volumes seen from GDML, strongly customize their graphical attributes as the coloring or the wire frame/solid rendering. A scenario permits also to customize the "particle gun" by choosing for exemple the primary particle type and its momentum. A scenario permits also to setup the coloring of trajectories when shooting events. From the main menu, you can then start a "particle through matter" simulation of the detector by using the Geant4 toolkit. g4view can also read and execute g4mac files containing Geant4 scripting commands. Under the examples menu, there are predefined typical setups as a piece of an electromagnetic calorimeter intended to be used for particle physics detector teaching. We recall that Geant4 is a particle through matter simulation toolkit heavily used in high energy physics (for example at the CERN LHC experiments), but also for spatial and medical science.

The code is based over the Geant4 core and the inlib/exlib tools. The "how it is done" is similar to the one of the ioda application.

WARNING: a Geant4 geometry tree could be something fat to process due to the "russian dolls" structure that may induce a lot of volumes. If attempting to run on smartphones or tablets you will be able to do a lot but do not ask too much...

For a quick video demo (found also on YouTube) see : demo