Moving the camera

When having a scene (for example with "example/calorimeter"), by returning to the user interface and activating the bottom right camera button, you map the "camera panel" at the bottom right of the window


The behaviour of the camera panel arrows depend if the scene is a 2D one or a 3D one.

General behaviour is :

If in examiner viewer mode (on a 3D scene) :

If in plane viewer mode (on a 2D scene) :

The top-left edit button permits to change the camera kind (perspective or orthographic) and its parameters (height, position, direction, etc...)

On smart devices, when no camera panel is mapped (and then being full screen on the scene), you can move the camera with a paning gesture. If available, a pinching gesture issues a zoom and a rotation gesture rotates the camera in the viewing plane.

With some exercice you can get 3D views as :



At last the bottom-left button permit to change a touch (click on desktop) from viewing to picking mode. On a desktop, if in picking mode, the cursor is changed to a cross. When in picking mode, a touch (click) permits to select an object in the scene and map a contextual popup menu. For example with "examples/calorimeter", if in picking mode and selecting the plot area, you get :


You can click the move button to instrument the plot object with handles to move it around :


By dragging the central button you can displace the plot in the scene :


By reselecting the plot and reclicking the move button you will remove the handles :


You can use also the delete button of the popup to delete the plot :